About the Artist

Melonie Summers
I enjoy capturing and communicating my perspective to the world by using a combination of basic lines. The simplicity of the lines turns into an intricate portrait of a person’s essence. I feel that we can all relate to this because my understanding of all art is that if you have ever held a pencil and written your name ​then you understand art​. To print your name with pen and paper involves muscle memory and an artful command of hand and eye coordination to write a language. Just try writing something in another language that uses different characters you may not be familiar with such as the Japanese writing system. Its challenging!
As a nine year old, my art started off as bold unrefined lines, and as I grew older I learned to finesse them into portraits. I have always been attracted to faces that are not seen everyday. Faces are interesting to study and each face has its own unique expressions along with its individual beauty. For this reason I tend to focus on drawing portraits. My passion comes from looking at a subject and placing my perspective in the world through my art.